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Welcome to Radio Tele Cherubin! We are so happy you made it here.

Radio Tele Cherubin  is dedicated to the mission of encouraging individuals in their next step with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are skeptical of spirituality, interested in learning more about God, or have been a Christ-follower for many years, we believe that God calls us to continually take next steps in a growing relationship with Him!
We are not perfect.
We don’t have all the answers.

We fall short.
 But that is the Good News – that even in our weakness, our misunderstandings, and our imperfections God calls us His children and calls us to grow in Him. We believe an important part of this journey in taking next steps in Jesus Christ is to commit oneself to a shared discipleship with a body of believers in a local church. We hope to be that church body for you and your family!


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RTC est une Radio Evangelique ,proclamant l'evangile de Jesus Christ ! La Radio de l'eglise du Christ

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